Choosing to grip joy.

Choosing to grip joy.

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Choosing to grip joy.

Choosing to grip joy.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle on a Budget With These Easy Tips

It’s possible to have a healthy lifestyle if you are on a budget. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, an unhealthy diet costs the U.S. $50 billion in healthcare expenses per year. Here’s how you can save on your personal budget with healthy choices.


Design a Home Gym

A key component in living healthy is getting exercise every day. Gym memberships can be pricey, so you have to look for alternative ways to get your daily exercise fix. Consider designing your own gym so you can exercise whenever you want in the privacy of your own home. Pick up some free weights, a yoga mat, and Gripjoy socks for your feet and choose free yoga or Pilates videos online.


Buy Healthy Ingredients in Bulk

Eating better can also transform your health. Buy healthy, non-perishables in bulk to help save money on meal prep. Ingredients like quinoa, brown rice, dried beans, nut butter and canned fish can be incorporated into a healthy menu.


Skip the Meat

A healthy diet should also have plenty of lean protein. Fresh meats that are good sources of lean protein, like chicken, turkey and fish, can get expensive. Choose protein items that aren’t meat to help save on your grocery bill. Low-cost vegan protein ingredients include black beans, edamame, chickpeas and nutritional yeast.


Eat Sustainable Foods

Your healthy meal plan can also save you more money at the grocery store if you choose to eat more sustainably. This means picking fruits and vegetables that are locally grown in your area and are in season. You can also take it a step further by planting your own fruit and vegetable garden and harvesting your own ingredients.


Purchase Secondhand Gear

When you start a fitness and health journey, you may also want to invest in some equipment to help keep you moving. Mountain bikes, treadmills, rowers, indoor cycles and other items can help improve your cardio health. Buying used equipment may help you save thousands of dollars. Check out secondhand fitness shops and social media for low-priced equipment.


Get Outside

One of the most budget-friendly workout spaces is the outdoors. Incorporate daily cardio and bodyweight activities into your schedule without spending any money by using the outdoors as your exercise space. Running, walking, hiking and biking are all great outdoor, free cardiovascular exercises that you can do to increase your heart rate and improve your health.


Make Money from Your New Lifestyle

You can also try to make money from your new passion for wellness. Think about ways to monetize your enthusiasm for fitness like starting a blog, opening a yoga studio, selling exercise gear or being a fitness personality influencer. To protect your personal liability, consider creating an LLC for your new business. This gives you tax benefits, simple paperwork and more options. Check your state’s regulations before moving forward.


Save by Being Healthier

If you commit to being more active and eating healthier, you may also be able to save in other ways. Your health insurance company may offer you lower rates if you demonstrate healthy habits like not smoking, losing weight or lowering your blood pressure. Additionally, your wallet can benefit from not going out to eat as much and walking or biking to work instead of using your car.


Switching to a healthy way of life can be doable on a budget. Give your body and your wallet a makeover with these strategies and improve your quality of life.


Author: Gabriel Patel

Image: Pexels