Choosing to grip joy.

Choosing to grip joy.

Gripjoy Lil' Grippers for your Lil' ones. Goodbye face-plants.

Grip socks for the whole family

Choosing to grip joy.

Choosing to grip joy.

Our Story

We take creating quality non-slip socks seriously.  For us it is personal. Our founder, Alison, had a desperate need for an everyday kind of sock with non-skid bottoms after being diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease which led to frequent slips and falls--especially on slippery wood and tile floors.

(Pssst... Learn more about our founder's story and how we donate 10% of all profits to research a cure for and support individuals living with Pompe disease.)

What we believe

At Gripjoy, we believe that the world is meant to be experienced without fear of embarrassment or injury. Our socks are for everyday wear by anyone who wants life to be a little less slippery, including:

  • parents, grandparents, and child care providers
  • post-surgical patients
  • pregnant women
  • elderly individuals
  • those living with disabilities
  • and anyone else who questions why socks should be slippery!

Alison's Story

"I have always been more clumsy than athletic. Slips, trips, and falls were part of everyday life, but in my childhood the damage was limited to a beet-red face, a scraped knee, or at most, a sprained ankle.

In adulthood, those minor missteps led to scarier moments - sliding down the stairs while several months pregnant; slipping on a wood floor while holding my 6-month old infant. I landed in the hospital more than once and was grateful to leave without any lasting damage to myself or my children.

Fast-forward a few years, and I found my clumsiness turning into outright unsteadiness and fatigue. After months of doctors visits, tests, and more tests, I was diagnosed with Pompe disease - a genetic condition which leads to muscle weakness for which there is treatment but no cure. This was no easy pill to swallow, but over time I learned to accept my diagnosis and and chose to grip joy despite my fears and uncertainties.

Moving forward meant taking action against one of my biggest adversaries: slippery wood floors. I found myself buying ill-fitting hospital and slipper socks to avoid falling. While they improved my stability, they were ugly and impractical and constantly led me to think of the disease which I was trying so hard to not let define me. Eventually, I decided it was time to create my own - normal, comfortable socks with discreet grips and that fit easily into shoes.

When I started this journey, I questioned if I was alone in my need for non-slip socks. But as I have shared my story and listened to yours, I have learned that though our individual circumstances are unique; there is a clear, united desire from men and women across the globe to make the world...just a little less slippery."

Choosing always to grip joy,